Signs You Need a New Roof

Jul 27, 2017

There are definitely ways to determine that you need a new roof. It’s a good idea to decide if you need a new roof before a bad storm rolls through and you have a big leak to deal with. So aside from a roof that leaks there are some other pretty big signs that you need a new roof.

Tell Tale Signs that you Need a New Roof:

  • Your roof is leaking.
  • Your shingles are cracked.
  • If your roof is 20 years old or older, it’s time to update.
  • Your roof is not aesthetically pleasing. If you can look at your roof and it looks tired and worn it’s time to invest in a new, high quality roof.
  • Algae and Moss. Moss and algae grows on areas of your roof where your roof doesn’t get much sunlight. While Moss and Algae don’t look nice on your roof, it is more than just a cosmetic issue. You see, Moss actually holds moisture on your roof and in the cold months can cause damage to the granules on top of your shingles.

These are five telltale signs that you need a new roof. Some are definitely bigger problems than others but if your roof is around the twenty year old mark, you will definitely need to replace your roof. So when you decide that the time has come, you need to choose a reputable and experienced company that has been in the business for a long time. Here at Wheaton Door & Window, we have been installing high quality roofs in the Washington metro area for more than half a century. In fact, we’ve been at it since 1945.

Our customers come back to us when they sell their homes and buy new ones. They love the fact that we are there for them when they need us, no matter how much time has passed since their roof installation. We take care of our customers. It’s as simple as that. Our Roof Wizard shingle roofing is the best in the market and we’d love the opportunity to come out, meet you and show you what sets our roofing apart from all of the rest.