Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is becoming a top choice as more homeowners learn the many benefits of this type of roofing. While it does require a bigger initial investment, it is likely to be the last roof you’ll ever need and the long-term benefits are worth the cost.

Since 1945, Wheaton Door & Windows has provided exceptional home improvement services throughout the Mid-Atlantic area, including Washington D.C., the Tidewater area of Virginia, Baltimore and suburban Maryland, the Greater Richmond area, and more. We have high standards, and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction on every job—we’ve completed more than 250,000 of them!

Is a Metal Roof Replacement Right for You?

Because of the higher cost, a metal roof replacement isn’t the right choice for every homeowner. If you’re planning to sell your home within the next few years, then it may be a smarter choice to opt for more affordable asphalt roofing. If, however, you plan on staying in your home then the long-term benefits of quality metal roofing installation are well worth the investment. Benefits of a metal roof include:

  • Metal roofing is a lightweight choice that doesn’t require additional support.
  • It provides superior protection from wind and rain, making it an ideal choice in storm-prone areas.
  • Many colors and styles are available, so it’s easy to find something to complement your home.
  • A quality metal roof will last for 50+ years.
  • A Class A fire rating provides additional protection.
  • Metal roofing requires very little maintenance.
  • According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, homes with a metal roof can save up to 40% on cooling costs.

Our metal roofing company offers the perfect mix of quality and value, so you can enjoy a result that exceeds your expectations.

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