Spring has sprung and summer’s just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about backyard ideas! If you’re wondering how you can enhance your outdoor spaces for all the summertime activities you’re planning, our backyard ideas will help you get started.

First things first, you’ll need to clean-up the debris that fall and winter left behind. You may need to hire someone for gutter cleaning, to get dried leaves and other debris out of your gutters. You’ll also need to rake up any leaves tucked around your yard and garden, remove dead annuals that need to be replaced, clear out weeds, sweep your deck and/or patio, and generally tidy things up. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a blank slate ready to be filled with all the colorful backyard ideas you have in mind for the summer.

If you already have a deck, use a pressure washer to clean it thoroughly. Remember to use a non-bleach-based cleaner so you don’t kill your grass. You may want to follow up with a fresh coating of stain and sealant. Rather not do the work yourself? No problem! Wheaton Door & Window can refinish your deck for you and make it look like new just in time for your first summer barbeque. We can also help if you’re interested in having a new deck installed this summer. Visit our Pavers, Patios & Decks section for additional DIY deck refinishing tips and information on how Wheaton Door & Window can help you design the deck of your dreams.

While you have the pressure washer hooked up, go ahead and clean the patio, if you have one behind your house. If your patio is badly cracked after winter storms, consider replacing it with a new cement slab or patio pavers in a decorative pattern. We offer a wide variety of patio options from which you can choose, including cobblestone, flagstone, paving stone, and other replacement patio options.

Once your backyard, deck and patio are cleaned up, it’s time to start decorating and bringing your backyard ideas to life! Here are a few fun decorating tips to get you started:

  • Spruce up your garden by picking up some new flowering plants that will add pops of color around your backyard. Perennials are ideal, because you’ll be able to enjoy them year after year.
  • Finish off your garden beds with a thick layer of mulch (up to 3”, no more than 4”) to keep moisture in and help your plants stay hydrated even in the heat of summer.
  • Add a couple large pots to your patio and/or deck, and fill them to overflowing with colorful flowers and cascading greenery in rich soil. Pots and above-ground planters are the perfect place to showcase annuals in bright colors, since they won’t survive the winter like perennials will even if you transplant them to the ground.
  • Intermingle palms and other large green plants with the flower pots on your deck and patio to create a seamless transition leading from your home into your gardens.
  • Choose some nice outdoor furniture for your deck and patio that will provide ample seating for any guests you anticipate having over for barbeques and summer soirées. Purchase an umbrella and patio chair cushions in vibrantly-colored patterns that complement the beautiful flowers in your garden.
  • Your garden will be lovely after you implement our backyard ideas, but you don’t want your guests tracking any of it inside! Avoid that issue and add another splash of color to your deck and/or patio by placing mats in front of your sliding glass doors or other back door.
  • If you don’t already have a barbeque, it’s time to add one. No summer’s complete without at least one backyard grilling session!
  • Don’t forget to incorporate outdoor lighting options for warm summer evening get-togethers. Solar lights are a great energy efficient way to light up your backyard. If you’d like to change up your fixed lighting options, we can mount new light fixtures for you. For additional ambient lighting, consider adding some tiki torches that you can light during evening events.
  • If you have a patio cover or screened-in deck, line it with twinkle lights or lanterns to add a magical finishing touch to any outdoor evening celebration. Use a staple gun to tack the cord to a deck or patio cover support beam, and place cord covers over any electrical cords running across the ground.
With our backyard ideas and your own personal touches, your backyard will evolve into a thriving outdoor living space where you, your family and your friends can relax and enjoy time together this summer. If you need help turning your backyard ideas into a reality, give us a call at 866-736-1722. We can design a new deck or patio for you, replace gutters and siding, and help with a variety of other home improvements. We’d love to be part of the summertime memories you’ll make with your loved ones in your fabulous new outdoor space!