As experts in the Washington Metro area in residential and commercial window replacement, we get so many inquiries on when the BEST time is to replace windows in your home.

And the answer is…. NOW. Before the cold of winter is usually the best time. If your home’s existing windows have extensive damage you will want to replace them right away. Don’t wait until it’s an emergency to get your windows replaced. You’ll want to replace your windows before the hot months for multiple reasons.

1.Temperature. In this area, winters are freezing! Many old homes have windows that are not air tight. The cold air will creep in and let all of your heat out. You have to BEAT THE COLD. The same goes for the summer months as well, your old windows will be letting hot air in and your air conditioning out.

2. Energy costs. Older windows are generally not energy efficient. You will be forced to keep turning up the heat. This can become quite costly, as you know. By reducing the need for heating & air conditioning, energy efficient windows that control solar heat gain also reduce the risk of possible health effects from air conditioning (headaches or aggravate arthritis or neuritis).

3. Tax credits. If you have an energy efficient home you may be eligible for tax rebates and energy credits. You can receive several hundred dollars by installing new windows. Read the Energy Star Program Requirements for Residential Windows here.

4. Value and curb appeal. New windows add great value to your home monetarily and visually. If you are planning to sell your home in the near future – the value of replacing your windows can be recouped 60-90% when you sell. Newer windows have more features, such as tilt in panes that are easier to clean and open for better air flow.

5. Security. Your safety of you and your family is a number one priority for you. Old single-paned windows are easier for thieves to break and enter. Newer windows come with a security glazing that won’t shatter. Give us a call, we’d love to show you how new windows will make your life easier. You can enjoy low maintenance, sound blocking, and “weather proof” windows now, before the real cold of winter becomes a nuisance. Get a free in-home consultation here.