Why Patio Doors May Be the Perfect Door for You

Patio Doors Washington DC

It should be practical knowledge that doors are important to your home, if for nothing more than to provide a secure point of entry and exit. However, the application of a door can go well beyond that. At Wheaton Door & Window, we offer a variety of doors, each of which offer their own unique functions and benefits. One of the door types we offer that is capable of bringing significantly more beauty and aesthetic appeal are our patio doors. This type of door is particularly purposed to give your home a new view of your outdoor space and is typically associated with the backside of your home, though there are some instances in which they are on the side. However, sometimes it’s hard to determine what it is that makes the patio door so alluring. Their appeal is largely reliant on what you desire for your home’s look and your own personal tastes. There are benefits to having this type of door installed on your home, which we shall examine below.

Benefits of a Patio Door:

  • Variety: Available as either hinged or sliding and in a variety of materials including vinyl, fiberglass, or wood. Each material and style come with their own unique advantages.
  • Energy Efficiency: Insulation features like the 7/8” double insulated glass we use, along with the Heatseal® spacer give our patio doors the energy efficiency that will help your home maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Natural Lighting: Featuring large glass panes as the main component of the door, a greater amount of natural light is able to illuminate your home.
  • Beautiful Views: The large panes of glass also allow for gorgeous views of your outdoor space, especially if you choose a sliding patio door.

Again, each door style and type has its own benefits that may not necessarily be present with others. A large factor that affects the type of benefits you receive from a patio door is the material type, which can affect things like strength, durability, maintenance, and energy efficiency. Regardless of the material type you want for you doors, Wheaton is more than equipped to help you with our products, services, and knowledge. To discover more about why patio doors may be perfect for your home, contact us today and we’ll schedule a free in-home consultation at your convenience.