Top of the Line Replacement Roofing

Dealing with roofing issues after a storm is something that can be extremely stressful. Typically, homeowners only think about their roofs if they’re damaged, leaking, or need replacing. Roofing is vitally important to the livelihood of your home. You don’t want to be left scrambling to find a roofer after a bad storm. If you end up with a leak and it’s left for a few weeks, you could end up with structural damage that costs thousands and thousands to fix. While it is important that you choose a quality roofing product, it is just as important that you choose a reputable and highly respected company.

Here at Wheaton Door and Window, we do great work and only carry the very best in roofing products. We will proudly give you as many references as you wish from our customers throughout the entire Washington DC area. Our Roof Wizard shingle roofing is equipped with Scotchgard™ protection, which makes them highly resistant to staining of any sort. With our shingle roofing, you will never have to worry about mold, mildew, or algae growth because of their exceptional resistance to such physical imperfections. To give you 100% confidence in our product, we offer our customers the best guarantee you will find. If your new shingle roof shows any algae growth whatsoever within 15 years, we will replace your entire roof free of charge.

While we believe we offer the very best product, we also have some pretty talented roofing contractors. Every single crew member of ours is a long time employee who has undergone a great deal of on the job training. Our guys are all in-house employees, not freelance workers. If you truly want a roof you never have to think about, a Wheaton Door and Window roof will be a very smart investment for you.