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Window Replacement

Window technology has advanced considerably over the last 20 years. We can now offer windows in a variety of materials – vinyl, wood, and composite – that are attractive, easy to open and extremely energy efficient.

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Is it time to replace?

There are any number of of tell-tale signs for current windows that need replacing:

  • Cracked or broken glass
  • Difficult to open and close
  • Rooms are cold in winter or uncomfortably warm in the summer
  • Rotted or deteriorating frames
  • Seal failure (windows appear “foggy” inside the glass or there is condensation on the glass)

Window Options

Vinyl Windows – the best value offering good looks and energy at the most affordable price

Composite Windows – the highest quality and the BEST energy performance

Wood Windows – For homes that require wood construction that must adhere to historical requirements or for aesthetic preference


Our vinyl and composite windows each offer a lifetime, transferable warranty against defects and seal failure that gives you peace of mind that Wheaton Windows will be the last windows you will ever buy for your home.

A Starmark window is built to exceed efficiency standards and homeowner expectations. Made with advanced cellular composite material, Our material insulates over 200% better than vinyl and 1600% better than aluminum. We’re a recognized leader in performance, cost effectiveness and reliability in both dry and high humidity regions.

Old World craftsmanship meets Space Age technology

Cellular Composite Outperforms Rigid Vinyl, Period.

  • Higher flexural modules (stiffness)
  • Lower coefficient of thermal mass (CTE)
  • Higher heat deflection temperature (HOT)
  • Higher softening point

Just one look at the cross section will reveal why Starmark is a superior choice in terms of energy efficiency, strength and durability. Their beauty is unsurpassed as they come in a wide range of color possibilities.

Window Heat Shield

The advanced glass coating system leads the industry in performance, energy savings and light filtration.

Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Environment

Traditionally, windows are a major source of heat gain, especially when not wanted, and tinting or shading has been the way to diminish heat gain. Starmark’s advanced Heat Shield coating with low solar gain provide better solar heat gain reduction than tinted glass with minimal loss of visible light.

Warm and Cold Weather Savings

Our double glazed low solar gain windows in a typical 2000 sq ft house reduces air conditioner peak loads from 600kw to 400kw. The difference in window performance can save the homeowner about 35% in cooling cost. In warm regions this means that the window can face the sun without extensive energy penalties. In the image left, the blue, purple and cyan represent condensation at 20 degrees outside. The right image shows dramatically reduced moisture from condensation


Tested Best Window Spacer in the Industry

Starmark’s Heatseal Spacer Guarantees your home the warmest glass and least possible condensation. In the Summer, reduced air conditioning use means a reduction in the possible health effects associated with air conditioning use.

In the winter, high performance windows create warmer interior glass surfaces, reducing frost and condensation. Windows with warm edge technology and insulating frames have such a warm interior feel that moisture in virtually eliminated, creating a comfortable environment.