Our Security Doors STOP Even the Most Experienced Intruders


The very best way to make sure that your home is protected from break-ins is with a high-quality, effective security system. After you get a top of the line security system in place, security doors are the perfect home protection. We want nothing more than to provide you and your family with gorgeous doors that will keep you safe. Our steel security doors are made to look beautiful and stop the bad guys in their tracks! Seriously, they will move on to another house after they see the security doors you have in place!

Our security doors are constructed using tubular steel precision to deter even the most experienced intruder. They are built with the strength of bank vault pins and hinges. They are some of the most durable security doors on the market today and are resistant against any type of corrosion. Plus, they come standard with an outstanding lifetime warranty. Many of our customers tell us that investing in our security doors has given them a sense of security they’ve never had before.

While our doors are the strongest, most durable security doors on the market today, we get the most compliments on just how good looking they really are. They are high style, designer doors that will provide your family with an extremely high level of security. Our doors are available in many styles including several different hardware and finish options. While our doors will keep you safe and garner you lots of compliments, they will also help you save a great deal of energy. That’s right, our security doors are equipped with double weather stripping and an integrated dual fin sweep that works to prevent drafts and leaks. For 70 plus years, we here at Wheaton Door and Window have been providing homeowners in the Washington DC area, with the highest quality windows and doors in the industry.