Revive Your Bathroom with a Shower Remodel

Much like a traditional bathtub, the shower is often found to be the focal point of any bathroom. The large showering area presents an open space that serves as the primary installation. Therefore, it goes without saying that if your shower is in poor condition or you are just not happy with it, then your showering experience will be severely hindered. An unappealing shower also has a tendency to bring down the atmosphere of your entire bathroom. It’s for these reasons that it is very important to make sure your shower is in exceptional condition, which is why the Bath Wizard exists. We specialize in many facets of shower remodeling. Whether you’re in need of a new shower base or want a complete enclosure installed, the Wizard can make it happen.

Shower Remodel Products & Services:

  • Replacement Shower: We offer a variety of shower bases able to fit in any preexisting showering space in your home. Made to be exceptionally durable and low-maintenance, you’ll enjoy your replacement shower base for years to come.
  • New Shower: Having a new shower installed can do wonders for opening up the space in your bathroom. Available in a variety styles including single-threshold, seamless access, or neo angle, our shower designs can match whatever you have in mind.
  • Shower Doors & Enclosures: Our shower doors & enclosures are perfect for opening up your shower space. The sleek glass surface of our shower doors are easy to clean as they are made using LuxSeal® glass that practically eliminates unsightly water marks and mineral deposits. Shower enclosures are elegant solutions to shower stalls like those that use the neo-angle base.
  • Shower Wall Surrounds: Our wall surrounds are a convenient and affordable way to update the look and feel of your shower without going through a messy tear-out. Our new “Impressions” surrounds perfectly simulate the look of Italian ceramic brick tiles to give the appearance of unparalleled excellence and beauty.

Customizable Options Make Your Shower Stylish

Our showering products are incredibly durable because we manufacture them with Lucite acrylic. In addition to being made with durable acrylic, they are also equipped with Microban® to help defend against mold, mildew, and other microbes that can infest your shower. We make sure to provide a great variety of customizable options for your shower installation including several beautiful colors and tiling patterns. Having options like these allows you the ability to create the perfect look for your bathroom. To enjoy the luxury of a newly remodeled shower today, simply contact the Bath Wizard for your free consultation!