Establish a Strong Centerpiece with a Bath Remodel

If your bathroom is equipped with a bathtub, then it is most likely the centerpiece of the entire space. This means it needs to represent your bathroom in the best light possible. This can be extremely hard to accomplish if it is in poor condition. Fortunately, the Bath Wizard is here to help reestablish your bathing space as the bright focal point it was always meant to be. Whether this means replacing your bath entirely or simply giving it a facelift with a new liner, we are sure to have the perfect solution to your bath remodel needs.

Bath Remodel Products & Services:

  • Bathtubs: Whether you’re looking for a replacement or a new bathtub, you can’t go wrong with the Bath Wizard. Our SimplyPure™ line of custom baths feature Luxsan® acrylic, which is durable, low-maintenance, and retains a greater amount of heat to keep your bathwater warmer for longer.
  • Liners: An affordable way to remodel your bathtub without any messy tear out, liners are very convenient to have installed and can often be done in as little as a day. Customized to fit precisely over your existing tub, we use Lux-Bond® to seal your new liner so there is absolutely no way for water to seep beneath it. Additionally, they are guaranteed to not dent, crack, or chip under normal use.
  • Bath Wall Surrounds: Guaranteed to never warp, crack, sag, or separate, our wall surrounds are designed to be installed directly over your existing walls, so no messy tear out is required. We also feature “Impressions” surrounds that emulate the look of Italian ceramic brick tile for additional elegance and beauty to your bathroom.
  • Tub & Shower Combo: The perfect hybrid when it comes to bathing, a tub & shower combo gives you the option to bath in serenity or shower quickly depending on your desire at the time. Don’t be held down to one bathing option when you can have both.
  • Spas & Whirlpools: The ultimate in luxury bathing, our spa & whirlpool options feature water jets, armrests, and warm-air massage jets. You can have your very own spa in the bathroom at an affordable price.

Features of Acrylics from Bath Wizard

All of our bath products are made using Luxsan® acrylics to give them exceptional durability and the low maintenance quality of being non-porous. We also equip them all with Microban® protection to severely reduce the chance of mold, mildew, and bacteria infestation. Additionally, our LuxBond® forms a perfect hardened seal to prevent water from seeping into unwanted areas. Let Bath Wizard come in and work its magic for your bathroom; simply contact us for your free consultation to get started.