Choose from Our Beautiful Roof Variety


Get Striking Beauty from Your Replacement Roof

One of the most alluring thing about any home is its ability to exude great beauty through what comprises it. The roof is one of the largest contributors to a home’s beauty, which is why it’s absolutely imperative to make sure that your replacement roof is of high-quality in aesthetic as well as durability. At Wheaton Door & Window, we make sure to carry the highest quality roofing systems from one of the most highly revered manufacturers in the industry, Atlas®. These roofing varieties are known for greatly enhancing the curb appeal and strength of homes in and surrounding areas. Our varieties include 3-tab shingles, fiberglass shingles, architectural shingles, and slate shingles. Each of these have their own unique appeal that make them ideal for any homeowner searching for a replacement roofing system. Best of all, they’re available in several colors that can enhance their depth and shadow effect.

Multiple Styles for Home Customization

  • StormMaster Series®: This is our ultimate line of shingle roofing systems and it exclusively holds Class 4 UL 2218 impact resistance, which is one of the highest ratings a roof can hold. This means that your roof and home will be protected from hail and other naturally occurring impacts. Additionally, the ScotchGard® coating prevents black streaks from algae.
  • Pinnacle® Pristine: This option is also equipped with ScotchGard® and the shingles are resistant to wind speeds of up to 130mph. Best of all, these architectural shingles add a great deal of depth to the roof of your home with intricate shadow lines.
  • Prolam™: This architectural shingle brings your home the beautiful depth of designer shingles at an affordable price. Plus, they are resistant to winds of up to 130mph so you don’t have to worry about strong storms blowing your shingles off.
  • Three-Tab Shingles: Our GlassMaster® and Tough-Glass® fiberglass shingles bring you high-quality durability and beauty at an affordable price. These are the ultimate shingle roofing systems for the savvy spender.

Unquestionable Roofing Expertise

The roofing expertise that our representatives hold is unparalleled by that of any other local roofing provider. Additionally, we carry some of the highest quality roofing in the industry and the application of ScotchGard® to our select roofing systems increases their durability. This means they are likely to outlast several other roofing systems and provide you with a beautiful roof for years to come. Our variety of colors and shingle styles make it easy for you to customize the look of your home so can perfectly suit your tastes. Invest in the future of your home by having a beautiful new roof from Wheaton Door & Window installed today. Contact us to learn more during a free consultation!