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Stellar Beauty with High-Quality Replacement Windows

Adding a visual element to your home that provides outdoor views requires careful consideration of the style and placement of these elements. For example, you wouldn’t place a picture window in a position in which you couldn’t take full advantage of the unobstructed views they provide. Likewise, you wouldn’t place a hopper window in your living room. These type of things must be considered in order to enjoy the full effect of your replacement windows. The window experts at Wheaton Door & Window have years of experience with window placement and are more than capable of helping you maximize the effects of your new windows.

Windows & Rooms: Room Type Considerations

  • Living Room: This is large space is typically toward the front of your home and, due to its size, can be equipped with larger windows to provide excellent views for you and your guests. If you’re the outdoor area is visually appealing, consider larger windows like bay, bow, or even picture. These windows can serve the purpose of providing unparalleled views and daylighting potential. Visually opening this area of your home up to the outdoors makes the space seem larger and less stifling than it may actually be.
  • Family Room: If you have this room, it will typically be placed toward the back of the home. It’s a space in which families gather for entertainment and relaxation. Often, these rooms are equipped with televisions, family computers, etc., which means that you don’t want large windows in this space that could cause glares. However, if you have a beautiful outdoor area, you may want to shift your family room elsewhere and take advantage of the space by equipping it with large, expansive windows.
  • Kitchen: This is a special space in any home and its unique layout often requires careful thought with window placement. Reaching over counters can make windows that open vertically hard to use, which is why casements and sliders are a much better option for kitchen space. Another great window option for kitchens is the garden window, which can be placed over the sink and provide a great space in which you can grow your own spices.

More Considerations for Window Placement

Other things to consider for window placement are which direction the room is facing, privacy, and depth of the room. East and west facing rooms are exposed to more sunlight at lower angles, which can create an annoying glare. To offset this, you can use window treatments or set them at a higher angle. The depth of a room can affect how tall you’d like your window. Rooms with a 9-10’ ceiling are better suited with taller windows. For rooms like bathrooms that require more privacy, basement windows with frosted glass are great since they provide the privacy you need and ventilation. To learn more about window placement and design for your home, contact us and schedule a free consultation.