Window Materials & Which Works for You

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Choosing the Right Type of Window for Your Home

There are several materials that are used to create window frames and each possesses qualities that can make them beneficial for any home. At Wheaton Door & Window, we have windows that use wood, vinyl, and cellular composite as their framing materials. The reason we’ve chosen these and not others is that we believe these materials to be the best that the replacement window industry has to offer. Each of the materials have proven themselves time and again and advancements are still being made to improve them. The only question remaining is “Which window type is right for me?” Fortunately, our window experts are here to help you answer that very question with a brief of each material and how it can complement your home.

Window Frame Types & Their Benefits:

  • Wood: The most used material over the ages, wood windows bring traditional, rich beauty to modern homes. Wood frames are excellent insulators, noise reducers, and very sturdy. However, they do tend cost more and require routine maintenance to prevent damage from moisture. They are also susceptible to pests.
  • Vinyl: This material is one of the more widely used materials due to its affordability and applicability. Most are constructed with a multi-chambered design to increase their insulating value and they are very low-maintenance, requiring no scraping or painting. Their strength and durability has been called into question but many advancements have been made to counteract these claims. Vinyl windows are customizable in color but still lack in the beauty when compared to wood or composite windows.
  • Cellular Composite: Our cellular composite windows have a solid core for increased strength and superior energy efficiency. Furthermore, composites can provide you with the look of real wood without the high-maintenance. The downside is that this material is more expensive.

The Clear Choice for Homeowners

We offer these three types to ensure that homeowners can find exactly what they’re looking for. Whether it’s the rich beauty of wood, low-maintenance of vinyl, or the best of both in composite, we have your solution at Wheaton. Deciding which window material type is best for your home depends on what suits your tastes. For beauty, nothing beats wood windows but to avoid the high-maintenance required, we suggest our composite windows. For homeowners working on a smaller budget, vinyl windows are the way to go. If you need more help deciding which type you want for your home, contact us and schedule your free consultation today!