Reasons You Need Replacement Windows


Signs of Outdated Windows & Energy Loss

Making sure that your existing windows are up to par with regards to keeping your home energy efficient and beautiful is not always an easy thing to do. Fortunately, there are a few signs to watch out for that can help. At Wheaton Door & Window, our window experts have years of experience with identifying when windows are failing. We hope that by imparting our knowledge onto you that you’ll be able to put a stop to your energy loss before it’s too late. Most of these signs are fairly easy to notice and it is recommended that you contact a professional, like the ones we employ, the moment you notice any energy loss through your windows.

The Signs of Energy Loss through Windows:

  • Old and Dated: Windows that are still in use far pass their prime are energy loss magnets. They can expose your home to a myriad of issues and any energy-saving abilities they once held are most likely long gone. Find out if your windows have ever been replaced. If they haven’t, then they’re as old as your home. If they have, then you should contact the window manufacturer to find out the lifespan of the window.
  • Physical Damage: Cracks, warping, worn seals, etc. are all physical damages that can lead to severe energy loss. Even if the damage seems minor, it can quickly turn major and cost you quite a bit more than it would have originally.
  • Drafts from the Window: Losing conditioned air through drafty windows costs you a great deal of energy dollars if it goes unnoticed. A good way to determine if air is leaking through your window is to place your hand next to it. If you feel air flowing in and/or out then you have air leakage. There’s also typically a rating for air leakage on the NFRC Label.
  • Difficulty of Operation: If you’ve noticed your window is hard to open and close, then it is most likely experiencing a balance issue. When the balance goes out on your window, it presents and issue with security and emergency escape. This is also a strong indicator that your window lifespan is nearing its end.
  • Condensation: This is a natural occurrence that typically affects areas around your window and the exterior surface of the glass panes. Condensation between the window panes is a clear sign that the window is either cracked or has a busted seal. It also shows that you are losing the insulating properties of the thermal break in your window.

Expert Window Assistance in

At Wheaton, we want to help you have the most energy efficient home possible. That’s why our window experts are readily available to help you determine if you need replacement windows. We employ only the finest professionals so you can rest assured that you’ll receive thoughtful service you can trust. If you already know you need new windows, then bear in mind that we have some of the highest quality windows available. Our windows are designed to prevent significant energy loss in your home and keep it looking beautiful. Stop wasting energy on outdated windows and contact us today to set a free replacement window consultation.