Innovative Window Design & Wonderful Efficiency

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Why Composite Windows are Right for Your Home

At Wheaton Door & Window, we’re invested in the future of window technology, which is why we carry our premier cellular composite windows. These windows are a perfect hybrid replacement window, combining the beauty of real wood with the low-maintenance of vinyl. Additionally, they have incredible strength and an outstanding energy efficiency rating. This means that your home will be more secure and consume less energy throughout the year. We have several window styles available so you’re not limited to just one style. This gives you the ability to customize your home’s style however you want so it can have curb appeal that suits your tastes and personality. As far as thermal performance is concerned, each of our windows are designed in such a way that they don’t require any extra insulation in the frame. Furthermore, we have several energy-saving options available that will dramatically increase the energy efficiency of our windows.

Composite Window Features & Benefits:

  • Traditional Beauty: Composite windows perfectly simulate the look of real wood. We pay close attention to the details in texture, curvature, and patterning. We even have grids that are made to match the wood styling of our composite windows.
  • Upgraded Energy Efficiency: There are several factors to the help upgrade the energy efficiency of our windows. Combining the Low-E coating with our triple-pane option and Krypton gas fills creates a window with an insulating factor equivalent to R-5 insulation.
  • Enhanced Strength: The most significant factor the compounds the strength of our window is the solid core. This makes our windows resistant to issues such as rot and insect infestation.
  • Low-Maintenance: Our windows don’t absorb any moisture and the never need painted, scraped, or primed. This frees up more time to enjoy leisure activities.
  • Innovative Design: Our windows are designed in such a way that they don’t need weep holes to rid themselves of moisture and the solid core construction provides superior strength.

Perfection in Hybrid Composite Windows

Our composite windows give homeowners the best of both worlds when it comes to beauty and maintenance. We combine the exceptional beauty of wood with the low-maintenance quality of vinyl to provide you with a window that’s uniquely strong, affordable, and energy efficient. We have many hardware options available so you can find the perfect accessories to use that complements the look of your replacement windows and the interior of your home. To learn more about our wonderful composite windows, contact us to set up your free consultation.