Bow & Bay: The Differences & Perks


Know How Each Window Affects Your Home

Window styles can differ in a number of ways, which makes the large variety we have at Wheaton Door & Window difficult to choose from. Of these windows styles, our bow and bay windows are two of the hardest to differentiate between. Both of these windows are grand in design to produce an elegant window of immense beauty. They each use multiple windows to form a larger one. The component windows are attached adjacently to one another and create either an angular or rounded arch. These styles are typically best suited to larger homes, though the bay can work with smaller homes as well.

Bay Window Design & Composition

Bay windows are made up of three different windows with the center window being larger in size. Many homeowners opt to use a picture window as the central pane since it provides large, unobstructed views. For the flanking windows, casement and double-hung work well since they both provide a great deal of airflow. The composition windows you choose are adjacently attached to one another with the flanking windows angularly attaching to the wall. Attaching the flanking windows to the wall at an angle give the bay window its distinctive protruding shape.

Bow Window Design & Composition

Bow windows are similarly structured to bay windows but with the main difference being size and number of composition windows. Rather than using only three, bow windows are comprised of four to six windows of equal proportion. This creates a more symmetrical, arched design than many find more visually appealing. The windows are attached at to one another in a way to that produces a softer curvature than you will find in a bay window. Additionally, they are capable of granting larger amounts of natural lighting and ventilation.

More Benefits from Bay & Bow Windows

Though each window is unique in its own right, they do share similar benefits. Each is designed to provide homeowners with great daylighting and ventilation potential and they provide increased interior space since the design of the window forces them beyond your home’s exterior wall. This creates extra depth to your home’s interior that can be a great space for shelving or window side seating. Best of all, when you choose Wheaton Door & Window as the source of your replacement windows, you can be certain that your new windows will look great on your home. Embrace elegance in your home and contact us for a free consultation today.