Add Visual Intrigue with Patio Doors

Glass Patio Doors Washington DC

Open Up Your Home to Outdoor Beauty

The beauty of your outdoor area doesn’t have to stay outside. In fact, letting it in can do wonders for your home. Windows are a great way to enjoy the outdoor beauty from inside but they lack a certain functionality that severely limits their potential. Fortunately, there is another way and that way is found in our gorgeous patio door selection. Patio doors are fully functional entries into your home that provide grand views to your outdoor area through large glass panes in the door. We have a few different lines of patio doors at Wheaton Door & Window, each with perks that make them great for any home.

Patio Door Styles & Features:

  • Endure™ Sliding Patio Doors: One of our most energy efficient patio door options, the Endure™ series combines Neopor® insulated, multi-chambered profiles with ComforTech™ Warm Edge Glazing. This creates a thoroughly insulated sliding glass door that greatly resists heat transfer. Furthermore, the strategic placement of galvanized steel reinforcements ensure wonderful strength and durability in the door.
  • Aeris™ Sliding Patio Doors: Our Aeris™ door series combines the rich beauty of wood interior framing with the reliability and low-maintenance of vinyl exterior framing. The wood interior is available in the species of Oak, Cherry, and Maple. Further customization can be had when you choose from our 16 interior wood stain finishes and multiple paint colors.
  • Aspect™ Sliding Patio Doors: The beauty of our Aspect™ series is found in its simplicity. These doors break away from the bells and whistles to deliver a wonderful door designed for to make your life easier with its energy efficiency, low-maintenance, easy operability , and elegance.
  • Designer™ Hinged Patio Doors: Add flair to your home with gorgeous patio doors that swing open to let in a great amount of natural airflow. These doors are available in fiberglass or steel to provide your home with the extra strength protection you need. Furthermore, they’re available with several customizable options to provide your home with unique beauty.

Have Beauty & Elegance with Patio Doors

Whether you’re wanting the elegance of swinging patio doors or the convenience of sliding, you can find your answer at Wheaton Door & Window. Our patio door selection is designed to help your bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home by offering visually expansive views that will take your breath away. Our selection brings the low-maintenance of vinyl, beauty of wood, or the strength of fiberglass and steel to your home’s patio entryway. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your home a boost in class with our patio doors. Contact us today to schedule your free elegant entryway consultation.