Redo Your Flooring for Fantastic Appeal


Enjoy the Comfort & Appeal of New Flooring

Update your flooring today and enjoy a comfortable new surface every time you step foot into your home. At Wheaton Door & Window, we have beautiful carpeting that can provide you with a plush walking area throughout your home. We also carry a smooth and shining laminate options as well as some wonderful wood options. Regardless of which flooring option you choose, you will have several great options that let you customized the look and feel of your home interior. We have several species available for our wood flooring and many simulated wood looks for the laminate. Our carpets are available in multiple colors, fiber brands, and styles as well. Start enjoying your home in a brand new way by choosing to redo your flooring today.

Flooring Options Features & Comfort:

  • Carpeting: The allure of a carpet is found in the joy of walking on nice plush surface that feels soft on your feet. Carpeting also adds warmth to your home so there’s no need to walk across a cold surface during the winter months and it remains cooler in the summer. Additionally, it helps absorb sound and provides a degree of insulation.
  • Hardwood: Enjoy the rich tradition of hardwood flooring by choosing from one of our numerous wood species to enhance the beauty of your home’s interior. Additionally, hardwood floors are known to be incredibly durable and easy to clean. We have a couple of options for hardwood flooring, which are engineered hardwood and solid hardwood.
  • Laminate: A worry-free and affordable option, laminate grants your home the look of hardwood or stone floors without having to go through the painstaking work of maintaining them. Laminate is very durable and easy to clean, which makes this affordable option ideal for any homeowner. Additionally, many laminates are eco-friendly and often made from recycled materials.

High-Quality Installation of New Floors

Once you decide on the perfect flooring for you home, the trusted experts here at Wheaton Door & Window will provide you with an exceptional installation. We ensure that your new flooring will look absolutely fantastic. Our process includes pulling up your old floors, readying the area for the new material, and carefully laying the flooring to provide a seamless look without any physical discrepancies. Each of our installers are highly trained and have years of experience with flooring installation. Let us help get your home fit with replacement flooring that suits its style and your tastes by contacting us today for your free flooring consultation!