Laminate Flooring: Rich Beauty & Carefree Maintenance

Laminate Flooring Washington DC

Simulate the Look of Wood or Stone Flooring in Your Home

If you’ve fallen in love with the look of natural hardwood flooring or stone flooring but don’t have the means to have it installed, then laminate flooring may be just what your need. Laminate floors simulate the look of hardwood or stone floors but are more affordable and require far less maintenance. At Wheaton Window & Door, we have several varieties of laminate from which you can choose. These varieties include multiple simulated wood species, smooth or textured finishes, and laminate stone tile. Regardless of which option you choose, you can rest assured that your new laminate flooring will look wonderful in your home. As an added measure, our laminates can be equipped with ScratchGuard™ Advanced Finish Technology to keep them looking newer for longer.

Features & Benefits of Laminate Flooring:

  • Low-Maintenance Beauty: Laminate flooring requires far less maintenance than natural hardwood or stone flooring, often requiring little more than a dust mop or soft-bristle broom to clean. The lack of grout lines keeps hard to clean dirt and grim from building up on the surface.
  • GenuEdge™ Technology: This technology adds to the realism of our laminate flooring by having the design layer roll over the edge of the plank or tile. This significantly reduces the chance of your laminate flooring being exposed as anything but natural.
  • ScratchGuard™ Protection: The ScratchGuard™ Advanced Finish Protection we use on our laminate floors dramatically improves its resistance to abrasions, dulling, and scratches from everyday wear and tear as well as dust and dirt.
  • Multiple Options: We have many options from which you can choose with regards to wood species, stone style, texturing and much more. The best part is that each option is just as easy to clean as the next, regardless of which one you choose.
  • Uniclic® Locking System: The Uniclic® interlocking system we use ensures a tight and secure connection between each of the panels, reducing installation time. Additional benefits are increased durability, stability, and elimination of uneven flooring.

Trusted Laminate Flooring Installers

When you choose Wheaton Door & Window as your laminate flooring installer, you are ensuring a spectacular floor installation. Our Uniclic® installation process is designed to provide you with a floor that is more durable and protected against spills and moisture. Furthermore, it minimizes the potential for a messy installation and simplifies the cleanup afterwards. Our laminate flooring options have provided homeowners throughout with premier, high-quality flooring at an affordable price. Enjoy the look of hardwood or stone floors without the high price tag or maintenance by investing in laminate for your home today. Just contact us to schedule your free flooring consultation.