Create Elegant Shower Space with New Doors & More


Upgrade Your Shower with Our Variety of Remodeling Options

A gorgeous remodel for your shower is well within reach with Wheaton Door & Window at your side. We have a variety of remodeling options for your shower system. Each of our options are designed to bring your shower greater beauty, durability, strength, and resistance to mold and mildew. Our shower remodeling options include replacement shower bases, shower doors and enclosures, and wall surrounds. Whether you’re wanting to combine all of these components for a full replacement shower installation or pick and choose between the upgrades you want, you can count on us to provide a high-quality installation and exceptional service. Best of all, each of these components are geared toward enhancing the aesthetic of your entire bathroom by upgrading the appearance and quality of your shower centerpiece.

Shower Upgrades & Benefits:

  • Replacement Shower Bases: Replacing the shower base of your home does a great deal for the performance of your shower and how it affects your mood. No one wants to step into a shower with an outdated, dingy, shower pan, which is why we carry shower pans made with high-quality acrylic that’s infused with Microban® protection to provide you with a low-maintenance showering experience.
  • Shower Doors & Enclosures: Upgrading your shower from a curtain to door is great for providing a look of elegance to your bathroom’s primary fixture. To take things even further, we even offer options that can take your traditional showering space and transform it into a full enclosure with plenty of room for you to move around.
  • Shower Wall Surrounds: Our wall surround options are made using the same high-quality Microban® infused acrylic that we use for our other bathroom installations. This means they are designed to stand the test of time and ward off any mildew, mold, and other bacteria and microbes. Furthermore, we have a variety of colors and patterns that can spruce up the look of your showering space, including our Impressions series.

Choose the Option Best for Your Shower

The needs of your shower remodel are not always easy to determine, which is why it’s best to have a consultation with a professional before fully investing in a high dollar remodel. At Wheaton Door & Window, we employ a professional staff that can help you determine which installation is best for your shower. Our goal isn’t to sell the highest priced options; it is to ensure that you get a beautiful new showering space you can enjoy for years to come. We’ll help you choose between our many shower remodeling products so you can be certain that you’ve made the best decision for your home. To learn more about our process and shower remodeling options, contact us today for a free consultation.