Bring Beauty Back with a Replacement Bath


Replace Your Bath with a Visually Stunning Acrylic

The beauty of your bathroom is on the line every time you ignore the diminishing aesthetic of your bathtub. It’s only natural for the looks of your existing bath to fade over the years. Whether it’s due to scratches, chips, fading, staining, or mold and mildew, the general wear and tear and abuse that bathtubs go through will eventually catch up with them. It’s when regular maintenance is no longer enough to bring them back that it’s time to invest in a another method of revival. At Wheaton Door & Window, we have multiple options with which you can update your bathing space but one of our most popular are replacement bathtubs. Our replacement baths are custom-made to fit perfectly in your existing bathing space. This significantly reduces the amount of labor and turnaround time for your new bath installation. Furthermore, your new replacement bath can match or complement the existing design scheme of your bathroom when you choose from our many colors and patterns.

Features & Benefits of Replacement Baths:

  • Renewal of Bathroom Beauty: Replacement baths are one of the best ways to renew the beauty of your bathroom and bathing experience. A new bath takes away the outdated look of your old tub and eliminates its stains, fading, physical damages, mold, mildew, etc.
  • Enhanced Durability & Strength: Our baths and other bathroom installations are made using the highest quality acrylic that is resistant to chips, scratches, stains, fading, and peeling. The acrylic’s non-porous nature also makes them resistant to mold and mildew.
  • Low-Maintenance: In addition to the non-porous design of our acrylic making it resistant to mold and mildew, it’s also infused with Microban® protection. This element increases its resistance to mold and mildew as well as other harmful microbes and bacteria.
  • Color & Pattern Variety: We have a large variety of colors and patterns for our bath installations that give them the capability of matching or complementing the look and design of your bathroom.

Bathtub Installations Designed to Last

Each of our replacement bathtub installations are designed to last as long as the highly durable bath itself. This is because our installations use the exclusive LuxBond® adhesive system, which is a four part system that ensures a watertight finishing seal to prevent water seepage beneath or out of your newly installed bath. Furthermore, our baths are created using the heaviest gauge acrylic in North America to produce a bath with increased resistance to impacts and chemicals. This ensures a longer lifespan for our baths, which means that you can enjoy a low-maintenance bathing experience longer. Renew the joy you get from bathing by investing in one of our replacement baths; just contact us to schedule your free consultation regarding replacing your bathtub.