Update with Affordable Bath Liners & Wall Surrounds


Stay within Your Budget with an Economic Bath Remodel

Remodel your bathroom on a budget with our affordable bath liner and wall surround options. It’s a common misconception to think that in order to have a beautiful bathroom, you need to spend a fortune on a full remodel. Fortunately, a bathroom can be remodeled at a moderate price by only focusing on the part that truly matter, which is usually going to be the primary bathing apparatus. This role is taken by either a bath, which over the years can experience a great deal of wear and tear. Once your bath becomes afflicted with scratches, fading or peeling finish, and stains, it’s hard to bring them back to life, even with the most rigorous cleaning routines. It’s for situations like these that we carry our variety of high-quality bath liners and wall surrounds that can instantly renew the beauty of your bath at an affordable price.

Bath Liner & Wall Surround Benefits:

  • Affordability: Bath liners and wall surrounds are easily two of the most affordable bath remodeling options in the industry. This is because they don’t require a tear out of your existing installation and can simply be placed directly over it.
  • Renewed Beauty: Though they’re not a full replacement, they are a magnificent cover up to any physical damages that may exist on your current installation. Our liners and surrounds are placed directly over the intended area to provide a vibrant new surface for your bathing space.
  • Low-Maintenance: Each of our acrylic installations are non-porous and infused with Microban® protection to create an incredible resistance to mold, mildew, bacteria, and other microbes.
  • Customizability: We feature a variety of colors and patterns for our bath installations, including the Impressions series that provides a unique combination of real Italian ceramic brick beauty with the low-maintenance quality of acrylic.
  • Quick Installation: Our bath liners and wall surrounds are created to the exact measurements of your bathing space. This means that they can be placed directly over the intended area and produce an absolute fit, dramatically reducing installation time.

Streamlined Process for Efficient Installation

Our streamlined bath remodeling process is one of the qualities that make us the first choice for homeowners in and surrounding areas. At Wheaton Door & Window, we don’t waste your time or money and work diligently to provide you with bathroom remodeling experience that will leave you completely satisfied. At your convenience, we come in to take the measurements needed to create your new perfectly fitting bathing apparatus. Once it’s ready, we’ll schedule a time to come in and install your new bath installation. Often, our installations take less than a day to complete, which means that you won’t have to miss out on your daily bathing routine. To learn more about how our streamlined remodeling process can better your bathroom today, contact us and schedule a free consultation.